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Orthognathic Jaw Surgery

Surgical orthodontics, also known as orthognathic or corrective jaw surgery, is a type of orthodontic treatment used to correct severe cases that include bad bites, jaw bone abnormalities, and malocclusion when a proper bite cannot be achieved with orthodontic treatment alone. Often, these abnormalities cause difficulty associated with chewing, talking, sleeping and other routine activities. Orthognathic surgery corrects these problems and, in conjunction with orthodontic treatment, will improve the overall appearance of the facial profile.

How does surgical orthodontic treatment work?

Dr. Emma will gain alignment of your teeth with pre-surgical orthodontic appliances. Then an oral and maxillofacial surgeon will perform your orthognathic jaw surgery, and the surgery will take place in a hospital. Orthognathic surgery can take several hours depending on each individual case. Once the surgery is complete, you will have about a two-week rest period. Since orthognathic surgery is a major treatment, we recommend that you schedule some time away from work and school during the healing process. After your jaw has healed, Dr. Emma will “fine-tune” your bite with a stage of  post-surgical orthodontic appliances.

Dr. Emma works in conjunction with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon to ensure that you receive the best care possible.

What conditions does orthognathic jaw surgery help?

Corrective jaw surgery can help the following conditions. The photos you see are from actual patients that Dr. Emma has helped, in conjunction with a local surgeon.

1. Correcting an Open Bite

Some of the bone in the upper tooth-bearing portion of the jaw is removed. The upper jaw is then secured in position with plates and screws.

2. Correcting a Protruding Lower Jaw

The bone in the rear portion of the jaw is separated from the front portion and modified so that the tooth-bearing portion of the lower jaw can be moved back for proper alignment.

protruding lower jaw surgery
Mariana’s transformation in her bite, smile, and confidence. Read more here.

3. Correcting a Receding Lower Jaw or “Weak Chin”

The bone in the lower potion of the jaw is separated from the base and modified. The tooth-bearing portion of the lower jaw and a portion of the chin are repositioned forward.

corrective lower jaw surgery
How Brittany’s smile transformed through a combined braces and jaw surgery plan. Read more here.

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