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Forsus Appliance

Forsus appliance (close-up)

What is a Forsus Appliance?

The Forsus device is another way that to correct a how the top and bottom teeth fit together.  It works similar to elastics. But since the Forsus is not removable by the patient, it’s gently  working gently all the time.

Does a Forsus Appliance Hurt?

We find it can take a full week to fully adjust to this appliance. The teeth and jaws may be tender for the first few days.  It may be more difficult to chew food. Softer foods can be easier to eat during this adjustment period. Over the counter pain medication may be all that is needed for relief.

Forsus appliance

Warm salt-water rinses are soothing and help to minimize irritations inside your cheeks. Orthodontic relief wax may be placed in areas that rub for comfort.

How long will I need a Forsus Appliance?

A Forsus appliance is used until the top and bottom teeth meet properly and the overbite is corrected. Treatment time varies based upon complexity. Most Forsus Appliances are worn from several months up to one year.