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Headgear (Night Brace)

Orthodontic headgear

Why do I need a headgear?

A headgear or night brace is an orthopedic orthodontic appliance used in growing patients to help correct severe overbite (class II malocclusions) when the upper jaw is biting significantly ahead of the lower jaw.

How does a headgear work?

A headgear is a removable appliance that slides into tubes on upper back molar teeth and connects to a cushioned strap behind the head. The pushing force of a headgear helps to correct a severe overbite.

How long will I need to use my headgear?

A headgear appliance is worn by patients all home hours and sleeping. A headgear is not worn to school or sports. A headgear can be worn during quiet activities like homework, reading, video games and watching TV. A headgear is typically worn 12-14 hours per day for 12-18 months.

Headgear instructions

  • Placement
    • On the right and left bands in the back, there is a large round tube into which the Headgear fits. Place the facebow GENTLY (only part of the way) into the round tube on one side.
    • Now, GENTLY squeezing the facebow with the thumb and index finger on the “U” portion, slip the other side into the other round tube.
    • Gently push the facebow further back until the “U’s” touch the tubes.
    • Firmly hold the Headgear in place by pushing backwards on the front portion. Pull the neckstrap around and clip it in place with the free hand. Now you can let go – you’ve done it!
  • Removal
    • Firmly hold the headgear in place.
    • Unhook the neckstrap.
    • Squeeze the “U’s” with your thumb and index finger, and GENTLY move the Headgear right and left (not up and down) until it slides out of one tube. Then, pull it diagonally out of the other tube.
    • Put it into your carrying case until it’s time to wear it again.
  • Warnings
    • You MUST hold the headgear while hooking or unhooking the strap. People have been hurt by not doing so.
    • The facebow must be placed and removed from the tubes gently. Rough treatment will cause loosening of the bands and re-cementing will be necessary. This will cause a delay in treatment.
    • Always remember to bring your headgear with you to your appointments or it cannot be adjusted.