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Orthodontic Facemask

Why do I need a facemask?

A facemask (reverse pull head gear) is an orthopedic orthodontic appliance used to help correct an under (class III malocclusions) when the lower jaw is biting over the upper jaw.

How does a facemask work?

A facemask is a removal appliance that is attached with elastics (rubber bands) to hooks on a palatal expander. A facemask is used to guide the upper jaw forward to improve jaw alignment. Facemask therapy can only be used in young growing patients.

How long will I need to use my facemask?

A facemask appliance is worn by patients all home hours and sleeping. A facemask is not worn to school or sports. A facemask can be worn during quiet activities like homework, reading, video games and watching TV.

A facemask is typically worn 12-14 hours per day for 12-18 months.