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Orthognathic Jaw Surgery Before and After

Sometimes, getting to the perfect smile goes beyond braces or Invisalign. Dr. Emma will work in collaboration with some of the top oral and maxillofacial surgeons in the Garden City area to correct issues with the jaw, many of which may pose long-term issues with health or confidence and self-esteem. Here are some real examples of patients whose lives were transformed for the better through a coordination of orthodontic and surgical excellence.


15 year old Brittany had braces for 4 years prior to meeting Dr Emma. She told Dr Emma she was unhappy with her small lower jaw and receded chin. Her teeth had shifted and many were no longer touching making it difficult to chew.

A combined braces and jaw surgery plan was proposed by Dr Emma. After six months, wearing braces to straighten her teeth Brittany underwent corrective jaw surgery. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon moved Brittany’s top jaw up and bottom jaw forward to create a balanced bite and fantastic facial esthetics! Total 12 months from first meeting Dr Emma to completion


13 year old Marina had a tremendous underbite. This caused challenges eating and affected her speech. She was shy and ridiculed by others lacking confidence and had low self-esteem. 

Marina met Dr Emma and a combined orthodontic-surgical plan was presented to correct her bad bite. 

Marina had impacted upper canine teeth that required removal as part of her pre-surgical braces straightening stage.

At 15, Marina’s growth was complete and she was ready for corrective jaw surgery. The oral and maxillofacial surgeon moved her upper jaw down and forward and set her lower jaw back.

The transformation in her bite, smile and confidence is unmatched!


Hilary was 29 years old and recently engaged. She told Dr Emma she hated her “huge overbite” and that her “lower lip flopped down”. She wanted a beautiful smile for her wedding day. 

A combined orthodontic-surgical treatment plan to align Hilary’s teeth, correct her bite and improve her profile was started.

Invisalign was used to align Hilary’s teeth over 8 months. Then two months prior to surgery clear braces were placed based on the jaw surgeon’s plan for upper jaw changes. The oral and maxillofacial surgeon moved her upper jaw forward and narrowed the upper jaw because it was too wide. The lower jaw was moved forward to fix her “huge overbite”.

In 15 months Hillary’s treatment was complete and she was ready for that walk down the aisle with beautiful smile and new look!


At 23 years old, Tim finally had time to correct his complete underbite. He played competitive high school and college sports so he put off correcting his bite until after graduation. He found it difficult to eat properly and was beginning to develop jaw pain.

After 8 months of pre-surgical braces, the oral and maxillofacial surgeon moved Tim’s upper jaw forward and his lower jaw back. 

In one year’s time Tim’s bite was fixed. He could now eat and enjoy all his favorite foods pain-free!


Nick was nearing the end of high school and wanted his underbite fixed before going away to college.He did not like when he smiled that his bottom lip covered his upper teeth. He said “it looked weird”.

A combined orthodontic -surgical treatment was planned. Nick wore braces for 16 months to straighten his teeth. The oral and maxillofacial surgeon moved Nick’s upper jaw forward and his lower jaw back. 

Nick loves his new smile and that now all his upper teeth show when he smiles. He was especially thrilled to be brace free and sporting that new smile when he left for college!