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Braces Before and After

In this gallery you can see examples of real patients that Dr. Emma has treated in her Garden City office using traditional braces. Whatever the orthodontic issue–crossbite, crowding, deep bite, open bite, overjet (protruding upper teeth), spacing, or underbite (protruding lower jaw), Dr. Emma takes a personalized approach to each and every patient to find the solution that will produce the most beautiful smile possible, with as much comfort and in as little time as possible.


O.D. 8yo
Class III crossbite
Palate expander and Facemask to correct anterior crossbite
10 month treatment
Sam at 7 years old had a small upper jaw and underbite. A palatal expander was used to widen his upper jaw and a face mask with elastics worn part-time after school and sleeping moved his upper jaw forward.His bite was corrected in only 10 months!!


Samantha at age 12 had a right canine or “fang” as she affectionately called it, that stuck out.Her second tooth on the right side was chipping from hitting banging against the bottom teeth .

Braces in less than 18 months moved that “fang tooth” into position and corrected the bite so the front teeth would hit properly and not chip any more. 


Class II Division I severe overjet
upper and lower braces with upper first premolar extraction
30 months
Muhammad had severely protruded front teeth that prevented him from closing his lips. He was very self-conscious and wouldn’t smile. After 28 months wearing braces and removal of two upper premolar teeth, Mohammad is smiling all the time. It did wonders for his self-esteem and confidence.


Class II severe crowding and overjet and overbite
Braces upper/lower
30 months
Mitchell sucked his thumb for as long as they could remember. It caused his front teeth to stick out too far. In two short years, braces and elastics gave Mitchell this fantastic smile!


Class II Division 2 deep impinging overbite and crowding
Upper and lower braces 
26 months
Sophia was starting high school next year. Her teeth were overlapped and crowded. When she bit down her bottom teeth hit into the roof of her mouth and sometimes it would cut her gums. She now walks the halls of the high school with a gorgeous smile. Braces on and off in under 2 years!


Class II Division 1 sever overjet , moderate overbite, crowding
Upper and lower braces
28 months
Daniel at age 13 had crowded teeth and protruded front teeth. As a very active kid, his front teeth were bumped more than one time playing sports with friends. We needed to quickly correct his protrusion before he damaged his front teeth. Top and bottom braces straightened things out in 28 months. 


Class I deep overbite and crowding
Braces upper and lower
24 months
Brian was in middle school and did not want to wear braces in high school. His smile was very narrow and his teeth were overlapping and crowded.In under 2 years, Brian’s braces were on and off and he started high school brace-free as promised!


Class I deep overbite moderate crowding
Braces upper and lower
20 months
Jaden’s front teeth overlapped and his bad bite was causing the edges of his front teeth to chip.20 months of braces and Jaden’s bite is better and his smile is beaming!