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invisalign elite preferred provider

Dr. Emma is nationally awarded Elite Preferred Provider Status for her extensive experience using Invisalign since its first introduction in 1999. She is among the top 1% of Invisalign certified specialists in North America.

Please contact Dr. Emma’s office with any questions or to schedule your free initial consultation.

american association of orthodontists

itero scanner

itero scanner

acceledent appliance to speed up tooth movement

Caring for your New Braces at Home

General Soreness

  • General Soreness can be relieved by rinsing the mouth with a warm water & salt mouthwash
    • Dissolve one teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of warm water, and rinse vigorously
  • Tylenol, Advil, or Motrin can be taken to alleviate any pain
  • Soreness should end by the third or fourth day

Loosening of Teeth

  • Teeth may feel loose during treatment. This is expected and normal
  • Teeth must loosen first to be moved
  • Teeth will again become rigidly fixed in their new positions


  • Be careful when eating, not to break your orthodontic appliances
  • For the first few days, soft foods are more appropriate
  • Food should be cut into small pieces, and chewing should be done with the back teeth
  • NEVER bite into anything with your front teeth – your braces will break off
    • Such as, apples, pears, corn on the cob, spare ribs, chicken wings, and any meat on the bone.
  • Hard foods are off limits or must be cut up in small pieces and chewed with your back teeth
    • Such as, hard cookies, pizza crust, hard breads, hard pretzels, bagels, hard candies, frozen snacks, ice cubes and raw vegetables
  • Chewy, sticky candies are OFF LIMITS. There are absolutely no exceptions
    • Such as laffy taffy, skittles, starbursts, tootsie rolls, gum, gummy worms, gummy bears, sour patch kids, jelly beans, caramel, and licorice
  • Chewy sticky things may not immediately cause damage but, they will do damage over time.
  • Keep things that aren’t food out of your mouth
  • Do not chew on pens, pen caps, pencils, straws or finger nails
  • We put bends in the wire to move your teeth in a certain direction. If you put a bend in your wire by chewing something you should not have, you will shift your teeth in the wrong direction lengthening treatment time and causing problems

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